Monday, 7 May 2012

Counting Down

There are currently 42 days left until we go. It suddenly struck me tonight. That really doesn't seem like enough time to get everything done. I've got 17 more working days, and 18 more days in my apartment. 35 days left in the country.

My mum has decided to take my brother, his fiance and I to Rarotonga for a week. I think it's partly to say goodbye to me, and partly to celebrate their engagement. Either way it should be pretty fun. Nothing like going on holiday to a hot, white sand beach for a week to get you in the mood for travelling. It will almost be like a trial run, although if I decide I don't like it, it will be too late for me to really do anything about it. We get back to NZ for my last four days of work, and then we have 10 days before we go.

It still feels terrifying and exciting in more or less equal parts, with long periods of unreality and disbelief thrown in for good measure. I've started selling my things which has made it a lot more real in someways, there are some things I've sold that I'm sad to get rid of, particularly an antique writing desk that I bought in my first year of university and have used ever since. But that is the way of it really, I need all the extra cash I can get.

We're still reasearching and discovering new things that we want to do on our travels every couple of days. I've no idea how we are going to manage to do it all. We discovered the principality of Andorra the other day, and have now decided that we want to go there, mostly for the nature porn rollercoaster. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the money we have won't be nearly enough to do all that we want to do, and its all very well and good saying we will do some of it now, and some later once we've worked for a while and made some money back. But how do you decide which bits to do now, and which bits to do later? How do you know if you'll get around to doing them later? And how long is it going to take to find a job anyway? Where will we live? What will we do?

And thus begins another spiral of terror.

See that's my problem, I'm a terrible worrier. I find it difficult to leave things to chance, I take comfort in the details. M is of a more take-it-as-it-comes-and-she'll-be-right frame of mind. Sometimes almost Pollyannaishly optimistic. We were talking the other day about what we were going to be doing on Labour weekend, and M said she was hoping to be working by then. Which considering it is the second to last weekend in October, and we plan to be in Munich in the last weekend in September, on our way to The Netherlands, seems to not leave much time for job hunting. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the job market is a lot better there than it is here. Maybe you really can find a job in a couple of days. But I doubt it.

Once the travels actually start this blog will be more of a travel blog and less of an angst filled stream of conciousness. I intend to talk about the places we go, the things we see and do, the people we meet and the food we eat. All accompanied with photos and reviews as appropriate.

As my family trip to Rarotonga will be a trial run of travelling, I will also use it as a trial run of travel blogging. The place we are going to is a little island off the mainland of Rarotonga, called Aitutaki. No more, I think, until then.

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  1. Waiting for the updates!
    I was brave seeing you off...until we waved you through the departure gates when I wept onto your brother's shoulder :(
    We all went off to Floriditas for breakfast, where we were constantly saying 'they will be on the plane now'...'they will be in the air now' and talking about you. You will be very missed, and you are very loved. But you know that!

    It's a wonderful world out there, and you carry me with you. Have a mangosteen for me.
    love XX