Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day six: Arrival in KL, and Penang

Wow the first six days have gone really quickly. I can't believe we've already been gone six days. I'll try to give a quick rundown of what has been happening.

Tuesday was the flight and our first introduction to KL. We arrived, took the hour long bus ride to my uncles apartment, where we needed to have cold showers to regain normal human functioning. Once we had both achieved some semblance of normalcy we went out for dinner. Ended up eating in the middle of a market on a street somewhere. We also both tried Durian for the first time - I always thought I'd tried it when I was younger, but turns out I hadn't, you wouldn't forget that taste. I don't think I'll be eating it again any time soon.

Wednesday, we went out for breakfast to the Malaysian version of Starbucks, called Old town White Coffee. It's junky, but actually really tasty. If any of you ever go there, I wholeheartedly recommend their Kaya toast. It is impossible to describe, but very delicious. My uncle had to go to work so he left us their and we arranged a place to meet later. We got completely lost and ended up finding an Indian street market which sold a lot of touristy things.

Later when we were going to meet my uncle, we went the long and convoluted way, which was fine because it meant we got to discover the most amazing fountain - OK so, its in a pretty obvious place, and we probably would have seen it anyway, but it is still pretty, as you can see for yourself.

On Thursday, My uncle had to work again so we decided to take ourselves to the Batu Caves, a Hindu temple, built into one of the caves near KL. It was awesome. Literally. The first thing you see is a giant gold statue of a god, I'm not sure which one, but he is huge. He stands in front of the steps going up to the caves, all 272 of them. But it is well worth the effort, the temple is amazing.

As you go up the stairs you can watch the monkeys frolicking around, and when you come back down don't forget to keep an eye out for the lady-peackock-cow-bird-thing, on the back of the entryway.

The weekend was spent in Penang. We hired scooters to look around the island, I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have a guide who knows the place and the traffic well. There don't seem to be that many clearly defined road rules. If you are after things to do in Penang, the Blue Mansion is worth a visit, it was once home to Cheong Fatt Tze who was an enterprising trader in the early twentieth century, he built the mansion and did it up in all kinds of splendor according to Chinese Traditions. No photographs are allowed to be taken inside, so you will have to see it for yourself.

Also well worth doing in Penang is going up in the cable car, its a slightly nerve wracking ride but the view from the top is worth it. And don't forget to go to Kapitan's for dinner. The food and service are amazing.

I'm currently sitting in Berjaya resort on Langkawi Island. The resort is amazing and will get a post of its own. I've had a full body massage today, from the spa here, something I would recommend to anyone, but has left me too relaxed to do justice to it now. For that matter I haven't come even close to describing Penang properly. I'll have to write more later.

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