Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Days 6-8: Berjaya, Langkawi

First thing on Monday morning we caught the four hour ferry ride to Langkai, we got a very friendly taxi driver to take us from the ferry to the other side of the island where Berjaya, the resort we had booked was. I don't know about M, but I was feeling a little nervous about it, worried that it wouldn't live up to our hopes, as we had such high hopes. But we arrived and the initial view is magnificient.

We checked in, with a little struggle, we'd only been able to afford this place as there was a 25% discount if you booked 120 days in advance, but when we checked in although it said we had the discount, nothing had been taken off. After a while we managed to explain the problem, and it was sorted out, the discount applied and we were given our key. We were told that instead of the room we had booked, a rainforest chalet with two single beds, we had been upgraded to a King rainforest chalet. This means two chalets have been combined into one chalet suite, with a simply enormous bed.
The bedroom.
The living room.

Our balcony where we will be eating breakfast on our final day
View from our balcony
 We had decided that as we were paying so much to stay at the hotel we wouldn't be doing much else on our three days in Langkawi than exploring the hotel, drinking cocktails at the swim-up bar, and lazing on the beach. Which we lived up to magnificently. We got a full body massage, which was wonderful. So relaxing we came out feeling like jelly, and that nothing mattered. We went swimming in the sea, which was blissful, and warm, like bathwater. We had dinner at the Pahn Thai restaurant, which is literally over the water, and you have to walk down a long jetty thing to get to it. The service here is excellent, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come here. There is enough culture here that even people who don't like resorts could enjoy it for a couple of days.

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