Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Days 15-16: Singapore

What can I say about Singapore? It is not my first time here, I've been here a fair number of times before when my Granny and Grampa used to live here, but that was a long time ago, and this is my first time here as an adult. 

I've already mentioned that the hostel was a bit of a shock, but that is ok. We've grown used to it now and it's not so bad. The part of Geylang we are staying in is right next to the Aljunied SMRT station, and isn't obviously part of the red-light district, apart from the sex shop downstairs that is, but there are no street walkers, and, apart from there being absolutely no sound proofing between rooms, really it isn't too bad.

Yesterday we went to Singapore Zoo. It is always worth a visit if you are in Singapore, I'm not sure whether it still is, but it used to be classed as the best zoo in the world, and if it isn't still it must be well up there. Top five at least. So many cool animals and most of the enclosures are pretty neat too. We managed to catch two of the shows; The Rainforest fights back, with monkeys and apes and birds and otters, and Splash Safari with Pedro the Sea-lion. Have some animal photos:
Gibbon, just hanging out
Red Lemur
Rather attractive
Orangutan in overhead play area
Naked mole rats, Very creepy
Pygmy Hippo
South American Tree kangaroo
Baby goat asleep in its food dish
Pedro the Sea-lion
Asian clawed otters, smallest otters in the world

There were a few species I'd never heard of before, and a few that I'd never want to meet again, like the naked mole rat. Other than that it was cool, but it was a zoo. I don't really have much to say. 
Today I had a Ghee Dosai for breakfast. Apparently it is a breakfast food, I've been to a couple of places and tried to order it for dinner and been told that it is only for breakfast. Dosai are like large pancakes that you eat with Masala and dip in curry sauce, a little strange for breakfast, but I love curry so I'm quite happy to have it. 

We had thought about going to visit the Jarong Bird park today, but it was raining this morning, and we wanted a chance to look around Singapore as well as doing the touristy things. We planned to take the MRT. For those who don't know, the MRT or as it's now called the SMRT is the public transport system, a bit like a much smaller version of the London Tube system.

Our first stop was Holland Village, a place I remembered as a rundown little mall with a really nice Haagan Daas shop around the corner. I found the hagan daas straight away, which really please me. I recognise almost nothing from the Singapore I knew when I was little, finding Haagan daas felt like winning to me.

Next stop was Orchard road, a big quite expensive, shopping district, which I didn't recognise at all, but as I didn't really remember it at all it wasn't too much of a big deal for me. We had a  look around a couple of malls, found one place that was selling different liquors in fill your own bottles. They had some great things, Sammy I don't know if you read this but you would have loved it. 

Then we decided it was time for a drink, and we were nearish to Raffles hotel, so thought it might be time to tick something off our bucket lists. We went to Raffles and got Singapore slings at the place where they were invented. Very expensive but very worth it. They had a promotion on where you could get the Sling in a cocktail shaker which you could then keep, and it had the instructions on the side.

The laser show on the fountain showing the fountain.
Whilst we were drinking our cocktails we were reading the guidebook and discovered that we were quite close to something called the Fountain of Wealth - the worlds biggest fountain, that grants wishes and brings luck if you walk around it in a clockwise direction. So off we went, to do just that. Only find that the fountain is closed between 7 and 9:30pm for a laser light display. We waited and watched the display. Some of it was good but a little repetitive. Eventually we walked and wished around it, but I'm not telling what I wished for.

We were going to go to China town for dinner, but what with the fountain and the MRT, by the time we got there everything was shut, so we headed back to Geylang for dinner, and got back just in time to miss a torrential downpour and Thunder and lightening storm.

Today we are going to go to Melacca, but without knowing w even which bus to take, or where from, or even where we are going to stay. This could be fun.

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